??Providing OEM processing & one-stop service
??Both Automatic machine producing and manual handmade work
??Competitive price
??On time delivery

Our Services


With our professional punching line, Grace Metal achieve great performance and capacity in metal stamping items.

CNC Forming

Whether simple flanges or an intricate transition, We offers a diverse ability to form many different types of bends and materials.


We offers bending items on pipe, tubing and sheet metal of every ordinary size.

investment casting

We are a professional manufacturing factory for investment casting and machined products.

Die Casting

Die Casting is one of our strength.Our company adopts the most advanced equipment within our country and a mature technological process to guarantee high quality.


We offers Spot welding, fillet welding etc. The welding items will be finished seamless and clean.

Hand Polishing

For some critical items,we offers hand polishing service to avoid burrs,sharp edge and provide fineness surface.

Why us?


Grace Metal offer OEM processing & one-stop service on metal product saving your effort on soucing and manual labor cost.


Our QC process aims to continually improve the precision and timeliness of each product and lower down the defect rate.

Competitive price

With our efficiet producing line, we gain great capacity and lower down the cost.


By instant communication service and professional knowledge,our salesmen will meet your demands.

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